Client Testimonials

Laura Suits The Treatment To The Client, Not The Other Way Around

A session with Laura is not a run of the mill experience. She is very knowledgeable and gets to the heart of trouble areas. Laura suits the treatment to the client, not the other way around!

Mr. B

The Kind Of Massage We All Dream Of

Laura combined her keen intelligence, knowledge of musculature, and intuitive understanding of her clients to offer the most thorough, consistent and gentle massage I have ever received. Laura has that rare quality of being a very good listener and plans the massage to not only address problem areas but to balance the experience for the entire body. Her calm, quiet demeanor and skill level added to the overall experience and provided me with the kind of massage we all dream of.

John Cantwell in Demorest, GA

I wish I’d gone sooner

Before going to Laura I was skeptical that massage could relieve my low back and hip pain. I had chiropractic adjustments in the past that helped decrease the pain but had never even thought of trying massage. No longer being able to travel the distant to the chiropractor When Laura suggested I get a neuromuscular massage I wasn’t sure if it would help, but I was willing to try it. To my surprise I felt amazing after my first visit. My back pain was lessened tremendously and my muscles felt much more relaxed.

When I’m able to have NMT on a regular basis it helps more, provides better results than when I put it off for longer period. Laura’s pricing is reasonable so I am able so receive treatments 2-3 times per month.

What I like most about getting a massage from Laura is that her calming energy allows me to completely relax. She knows the specific points where my body holds the tension causing my pain and the exact amount of pressure to use.

I’d tell potential customers knowing now how much massage is helping me, I wish I’d gone sooner.

Jeff Sager

My appointment with Laura is the highlight of my week

My appointment with Laura is the highlight of my week. It is so relaxing and calming … plus the relaxing of all the muscles she works on has helped me to sleep so much more comfortable at night, and make my work-outs at Curves much easier. I appreciate her hard work and I know you will too when you make your appointment. She’s one of the best I’ve been to.

T. Cheshire, Jefferson Ga

A wonderful introduction to Energy healing

I was curious about Reiki and the tuning forks after hearing a co worker talk about sound healing. I had received wonderful massages from Laura so I decided to try a Reiki session and I’m so glad I did!

I could feel my anxiety melt away. Days later I still feel peaceful and empowered.

Susan H.

When I lay down on Laura’s table a feel like a dollar. After an hour when I get up, I feel like a million bucks!

Marcia Singson in Winder Georgia

Whisper Laura’s hands work magic

Whisper Laura’s hands work magic. She know exactly how much pressure to use and which muscles need it.

Heather Ryland in Athens, Georgia